Adrea Theodore and Erin K. Robinson, A History of Me, January 25 at Gilman School

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Inspired by Adrea Theodore’s daughter’s experience in school as well as her own, A History of Me is a powerful testament to the past as well as a benediction for the future.

Life can be hard for the only brown girl in a classroom full of white students. When the teacher talks about slavery, she can feel all her classmates staring at her. When they talk about civil rights, she is the one that other kids whisper about on the playground. In those moments, she wants to slip away or seep into the ground, and she wonders, “Is that all you see when you look at me?” What really matters is what she sees when she looks at herself. She reflects the courage, strength, intelligence, and creativity that’s been passed down from generation to generation through her ancestors.

This event is for the Gilman School community.

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A History of MeWho do you see when you look in the mirror? One mother’s account of her … $17.09